noodle has kindergarten boyfriends.  yes, in the plural.  k and a seem to spend quite a bit of time following her around, poking and otherwise tormenting her, while she laughs.  i asked her about it, and she says, “yeah, a has a crush on me.  he told me so.”   yay!  when asked if she was going to let either k or a kiss her, she very seriously said “no.  that is yucky.  i am not going to kiss boys until i am aunt megan’s age.  how old is that?”  i say, “eighteen.”  “ok, i will not kiss boys until i am eighteen.”  i had her write that out and sign it.  when she starts thinking it’s ok to kiss boys, i will frame it and hang it on her bedroom wall.  haha!

but today when asked which variety of pears is her favorite,  she asked. “what kind did kh like?”  ok, guess we need to have a conversation about how boys should never define us…

unrelated, but funny:
yesterday in the car, noodle and bean were talking, and bean suddenly bursts out with “that is un-asseptable!  do not talk to me like that; do you see how it makes me feel?  i feel sad now! that is un-asseptable!”  mom and i nearly died trying not to laugh.


so much for being better, eh?

November 26, 2008

life just isn’t that interesting right now.  busy, but not interesting.  there is a lot of driving to and from school. trying to convince dale that a road trip for a concert is in order (it’s not working).  also trying to convince him to move to vancouver with erin and me…i think i’ve got him convinced to go for a summer, but i’m not sure he knows i’m being serious.  somebody in a forum i visit (jokingly…i hope) said “i heard the guys in vancouver are hot…maybe your husband doesn’t need to be convinced!”

noodle still loves school, bean still hates her going.  jelly is content to chill as long as the boobies aren’t ever too far away.  that’s about it.  sorry.

back online

November 14, 2008

so we moved, and it took a bit to reestablish internet connectivity. the last post was made from my mom’s house. but here i am, and i am going to try to be better.

so, here is the last couple of weeks in amusing clips:

remember how i was questioning the wisdom of noodle learning nickelback lyrics? well perhaps i should be more concerned about bean, who recently was heard singing to herself “look at this photograph, every time i do it makes me laugh, i want to be a rock star!” awesome.

remember mcnugget kids from mcdonalds? they were chicken nuggets that had dress up outfits? ok, so bean runs up to me yelling “mama mama, save me! there’s a wa ha ha man!” i say, “a what?” she yells, “the man that says wa ha ha is in our house!” “a man who says ‘wa ha ha’ is in our house. where?” “he’s on the floor! he is dead!” and i ask, “if he’s dead, why am i saving you?” but i turn around to see, and on my living room floor is a mcnugget kid who has come out of his dracula costume-apparently dead. oh, ‘bwah-ah-ah’.

today at school, i was attempting to teach three 5-year-old boys about our sense of taste. the conversation goes something like this…
me:so what are some of your favorite things to taste?
kid a:what’s that on your tongue?
me: this? it’s a barbell. who likes…hamburgers?
kid b: yuck! why does it go through your tongue?!
me: it’s supposed to.
kid b: how did it get there?
me: *sigh* a guy used a needle to put it there.
kid c: he shouldn’t do that! why did he do that?
me: i paid him to.
kid b: well that was kinda dumb!
kid c: i saw one in a guy’s lip before. it was gross.
kid a: (flinging himself into my lap) i like looking at you!
me: thank you. what else do you guys like to look at?

dale and i went through the temple last night to receive our endowments (wow!  just amazing!).  now noodle wants to wear garments too, because “the lace makes them pretty!”  guess we know how to convince her to wear stuff- sew some lace on it!

still in it

October 27, 2008

dale realized last night that we weren’t just trying to scare him off- being married to me really does involve an eternity of the annual carlile family halloween party…complete with the singing of halloween carols.  amazingly enough, he has not reconsidered!

baby jelly, on the other hand, woke up from his nap during the singing, and he is reconsidering joining the family.  “this wasn’t in the plan!  i just wanted a body!  i didn’t sign up for this!”

…or hepatitis.  looks like i was right about the drinking thing though.


October 14, 2008

ok, so i was griping about it being too hot, right?  well we flew to california for the weekend, and came back to SNOW!  it was freakin sweet.  it’s all melted now, but nice and chilly still.  so i’m happy.

driving home from school today, zoe wanted to know if we could go cliff-diving for a family vacation.  the kid has no fear; she also asked dale if he would take her sky-diving.  that was a while ago.  anyway, i told her that if she wanted to go as a whole family, she would probably be waiting fifteen years or so.  that pissed her off, she wants to go when she’s seven.  yeah.  i guess it’s my fault for thinking i should always be truthful with her…i was the one who told her what cliff-diving was, in response to a question about whether or not the story a song told was true.  should have said something non-committal like, “it could be, sweetheart.”  because when i told her that it was, of course she wanted the whole story.  why wouldn’t she?  anyway.  at least i could leave out the part about the shrooms, right?  man, why did i get the kid who listens to the lyrics?  it probably means i should be more selective about what i listen to with her around, but then i’d be back to crappy recordings of nursery rhymes, so you know that’s not going to happen.

then why the hell is my local forecast for EIGHTY-SIX FREAKING DEGREES on the first of OCTOBER? i live in northern utah. greatest snow on earth. right…because snow is possible when in never even gets cold.

psh. i want six-feet-of-snow winters back. because six-inches-of-snow winters are LAME!

edit- i looked up the averages, just because. and the average high in my city for the first of october is 70F. if we actually get to 86, it’ll break 2003’s record high. yep.

i still love you maynard…

September 29, 2008

…but my six year old thinks most of your music is “scary”. actually, i think that’s her way of saying, “i’d like something a little easier for me to sing along with, mom,” as this is a recent development.
and thus i have rediscovered a love for nickelback. and thus chad kroeger has become noodle’s first star-crush. i may occasionally question the wisdom of allowing her to learn the words to such tracks as “animals” or “figured you out” (yes, she can sing at least parts of both songs), but i’m really really glad her favorites are branching out into real music, not a recording of kids singing nursery rhymes (badly, i might add). they are her favorite band, and a week or two ago, she asked if she could go see them in “real real life…not on the computer”. i told her that we would think about it when the go on tour next year, although it took some explaining about why we couldn’t call them on the phone, and about how they live in canada (eh), and about how album tours work. we shall see. i think it would be sweet to take her, dale isn’t so convinced.
(by the by, i’m a tiny bit disappointed. i had heard that this fall’s new album would be heavier than the last, but am totally unconvinced after hearing the lead single today. it’s fine, just not even close to what i was expecting.)


September 10, 2008

i know, i’m a terrible blogger. first, i broke my laptop, and i hate using the desktop.   it’s set up for dale, and it irritates me, plus it has none of my websites or passwords saved to it.  also, life has been really busy the last couple of weeks, with last minute appointments, kindergarten assessments, meet-your-classmates playdates, a trip to bear lake, the 1st annual carlile family olympics, and…

noodle has started kindergarten.  she loves it.  she is making friends, and not so much learning new stuff yet, but is having fun.  bean does not like noodle being in kindergarten.  she is lonely, and is not interested in making new friends, just wants her noodle-sister.  mommy is still trying to figure out how school fits in with other activities, as it takes a rather large chunk out of my day to drop her off and then pick her up.  it’s amazing how fast the time goes between drop-off and pick-up…i actually think co-op days will be easier, i stay in the classroom and then have the afternoon free because noodle is sick of me by then (ha ha) and more than willing to play with bean and keep her occupied, and i can get crap done while jelly takes his afternoon nap.  that is, i could get stuff done if i could remember what needed to be done in the first place…i have become SO STUPID since giving birth.  is it better than the massive post-partum depression i suffered with the girls?  absolutely, a million times better.  but it would be nice if i could occasionally remember why i entered a room, or that i have an appointment, or how to make food to eat…we went to bear lake over the weekend, and i forgot to pack towels. yep, sitting on the beach thinking “man it’s cold and we’re wet…where are the towels?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DIDN’T PACK THEM!?”  (or church clothes, or half the ingredients for my food assignment…and it took two trips to the gas station to remember to purchase said missing ingredients).  i got in the van last week to go somewhere, and couldn’t remember how to start it.  i just sat there, staring at the ignition, with the keys on the passenger seat.  i forgot the school picnic last night, even though i picked up an extra reminder note yesterday morning.
and now i have forgotten what else i was going to say, so…

everybody gets a physical!

August 25, 2008

ok, not quite everyone. but jelly got a one month check, noodle got a kindergarten physical, and i got a complete physical thanks to the dmv.   jelly was the quick appointment- he’s healthy, he’s growing (albeit slowly like his dad and sister bean), he’s happy and pretty mellow.  noodle and i had a lot more fun.  noodle got a couple of referrals…one to an opthamologist, which i should have figured. her left eye is weak, just like mine and my moms.  the other referral is to a cardiologist!  apparently she has a murmur and an arrhythmia that have never been heard before.  it surprised me, my first pediatrician spent ages listening to zoe’s heart, at every well-baby visit, for two years, and always said she had a textbook perfect heart.
i had a crapload of bloodwork done.  it came back with some problems…specifically high liver enzymes.  although there is a possibility it’s residual from the pregnancy, my doctor also mentioned fun things like hepatitis, cirrhosis or other permanent damage, or cancer.  yeah, that didn’t freak me right the hell out!  for once i almost wished i were still seeing a typical md who just tells you not to worry about a thing, “i’m the doctor here and i’ll do all your worrying, and not tell you what’s even going on”.  it’s been YEARS since i engaged in high risk behavior for hepatitis, and i’ve been pregnant multiple times since.  i’m fairly sure somebody would have picked up on my having hepatitis.  cancer also seems unlikely, as liver cancer is not common.  but i’m totally convinced that alcoholism + liver-toxic anti-psychotics = i have totally destroyed my liver.  i’m a little pissed that everyone poo-pooed the risks of the medications…sure i still would have taken them, but it would have been nice to go into it with the whole picture, you know?  i’ve also learned that i should have had regular work-ups to monitor my liver while on those drugs, and the last time my shrink ordered the labs, i was SIXTEEN.  that’s more than a couple years overdue.  what if running those tests could have picked up damage in the beginning?

ok, i sound pretty self absorbed and overly dramatic.  no, i’m not particularly worried about noodle’s heart.  bean has an arrhythmia that hasn’t caused any problems, nor is it expected to. my dad has had a murmur for 70 years without a problem.  and yes, i realize there is probably nothing wrong with me.  but having kids has made me way more worried about my own health…really, what the hell would happen to my kids if i got sick?  or, God forbid, died?